Why People Love This Course

  • Facebook and Discord Community

    Get access to a Facebook and Discord community with many other Spartans who have completed the course. If you need help everyone is more then willing to give assistance. Being surrounded by the right people on the same journey as you is a bonus.

  • We dive deep into Psychology & Mindset

    Trading is made up of 2 elements Technical Analysis and Psychology. As experienced traders we understand that Psychology is 80% of the game whilst TA is 20%. In order to be a successful one must master their emotions when trading. The less emotion a trader has to a trade the better they will be.

  • Technical Analysis Advanced

    Understanding the basics of Technical analysis is great but knowing when and where to use them is where profits are made. We go into detail with the added indicators in this course and how to use them on a daily basis.

Advanced Learning

Once you understand basic Technical Analysis this advanced course will really take you to the next level in your learning ability.

  • Continous learning with access to LIVE Online course ALL YEAR

  • Learn more about the advanced indicators used in trading

  • Learn the benefits of Trader Psychology and how this will make you profitable

  • Bonus sessions from time to time

  • Discord LIVE CHAT community to bounce ideas off

  • Motivational Mindset Coaches on Calls from time to time

  • Intro to crypto course content included

  • Get started on learning how to trade on Margin

  • Bitmex overview learn how to enter/exit trades correctly